Our business is resolving medical bills and our mission is total customer service. Our professional staff is committed to acting in the best interest of our customers, their patients, physicians and the communities they serve.

Reliance Recoveries Services

ARS Flower.Reliance Recoveries core business has always been collecting our clients past due medical bills. Reliance Recoveries is a full service debt collection agency that has been in the business of collecting medical debt since 1987. We Are Specialists...

The Reliance Recoveries Difference

We have learned that most patients want to pay their bills on time and understand that this is not always possible. We help people honor their commitment to our clients by working with them to set up an acceptable payment arrangement when they are unable to pay the balance in full. Every effort is made to give them the opportunity to honor their obligations while ensuring the healthcare providers receive reimbursement. Since we specialize in healthcare debt only we understand the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with the patients you serve as an extension of your accounts receivable process. We Are Committed...


We are trained in the Fair Debt Collection Practice laws and the Minnesota Attorney General Agreement. Our collectors are certified with the National Healthcare Association and Reliance Recoveries has been a member of ACA International since 1987. Our collectors are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability privacy rule and our company is also proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota. We Are Dedicated...


The foundation of every partnership is confidence. Reliance Recoveries recognizes the importance of our employees and the impact they make on providing quality services to our clients. That is why all of our associates are licensed through the State of Minnesota and trained in the Professional Telephone Collection Techniques, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, HIPAA, the Minnesota Attorney General Agreement and applicable state laws. Low staff turnover and years of experience make our associates some of the best and most engaged. We Are Reassuring...


A fundamental part of any successful business relationship is maintaining healthy partnerships. Reliance Recoveries fully staffed Client Service Department works hard to preserve partnerships by:

  • Keeping the lines of communications open to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed
  • Provide reporting, including standard month-end and flexible "on-demand" reports
  • Giving collection advice about problem accounts and unique collection challenges
  • Tailoring client education and collections training to meet your individual needs

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